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Tara Campbell, M.Ed., SLPA 


Labor of Love Advocacy
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I am here to advocate for children and families in Massachusetts who have ​learning disabilities and need help receiving services.


"Tara provided me with expert advice regarding the IEP process and the different programs that were available for my child in order for her to succeed in school."

Tracy Sullivan 

  • Experienced and certified Special Education Teacher     
  • Speech Therapy Assistant 
  • Trained and certified to teach LiPS andVisualizing and Verbalizing, Lindaood-Bell Programs
  • Trained and experienced in Wilson Reading Program     
  • Formal and informal evaluator
  • ​Home tutor and Educational advisor

Tara Campbell, M.Ed.,SLPA is an educational consultant and advocate for children with learning disabilities in the Boston area.

With over 20 years of experience as a special education teacher in Massachusetts, I posses a wealth of knowledge about various learning disabilities. I provide special education consulting to families of children who are struggling in school and not receiving appropriate services. I understand how intimidating it can be to attend school meetings and I am able to offer support and guidance to parents in helping them assert their child’s rights under IDEA. Having proper representation will lead to securing the best possible educational program and services for your child

​As a special education teacher for 20 years in public and private schools, preschool to high school, I have had the opportunity to witness children of all ages in various educational settings. Throughout my teaching experience, I have seen children thrive in schools with great educational practices as well as struggle in poorly designed programs. The educational needs of a child change and often need to be modified to meet their developing individual profile.  

Good education is constantly reassessed to meet each child’s individual educational needs. It is also necessary that your child is happy and engaged when working with caring and competent professionals.  

Why hire me?

I can support and guide you through the process of determining your child’s individual needs. Parents are a child’s first and most important educator so their involvement in the process is critical. Knowing what are the best programs and services available will help a parent be a more effective educator for their child. Additionally, it is essential to know your rights and the laws governing the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process as you navigate your way. Parents like students all have different needs. 

With the growing number of programs and recommendations, it is a daunting task for parents to determine what is appropriate for their child. I am trained in several research-based programs that have proven to be effective in remediating language-based learning disabilities. Additionally, I actively attend various educational workshop to keep myself up to date on the newest teaching practices and to maintain my teaching certificate.    

​Regardless of the specific needs of your child, I can assist at any level. My experience brings the knowledge of the details to look for as we review your child’s files as well as appropriate suggestions and actions that meet your child’s needs and abide by the federal laws of IDEA.

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