Labor of Love

Educational Advocacy 

Tara Campbell, M.Ed., SLPA 



Case Assessment 

  • Documentation review
  • Assessment interpretation
  • School observations
  • Educational placement site visits
  • Home visits

Case Management

  • Facilitate communication between the family, school personnel and other professionals
  • Establish a single contact point to coordinate care, communication and implementation of services
  • ​Referrals for additional services to other professionals

Parent Training

  • On-going training of parents about their educational rights and responsibilities under state and federal laws
  • Effective techniques for working with school systems, and other bureaucratic systems
  • On-going consultation and coaching of parents in techniques of working with their child

Educational Advocacy

  • Prepare and discuss strategies to address the needs of the child
  • Negotiate appropriate services and programs for the child
  • Prepare IEPs with parents and educators
  • Review, critique and supply contributions to the development of IEPs and 504 Plans
  • Attend school meetings with parents

Labor of Love Advocacy
Phone: (617) 719-1510

I am here to advocate for children and families in Massachusetts who have ​learning disabilities and need help receiving services.

My  goal is to empower parents and caregiver​s through consultation, advocacy and

the facilitation of effective collaboration

Labor of Love Advocacy offers advice and guidance to parents and/or guardians of children who require Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs) or 504 Plans.  I assist families who are in the initial stages of a special education referral as well as reevaluations and annual reviews. Labor of Love will provide expert advice to guide you through the process of special education.  ​

In the beginning stages of the process, parents often need answers to various questions as they enter the unfamiliar territory of special education. 

How do I request an evaluation?

Should I seek a private evaluation?

Is this program right for my child?

Why are we not seeing progress?